Where to Get Merchandise for BTS (Bangtan Boys)

BTS (short for Bangtan Boys) is one of the hottest new bands in K-pop. They blend a nice eclectic mix of rap and hip hop with more modern mainstream Korean pop music. Also, they are not only popular in Korea. They have stolen the hearts of fans all over the world. They continue to sweep the charts in the UK, Malaysia, Vietnam, and in Hong Kong.

You may be wondering where you can get some BTS merchandise. BTS, being a Korean boy band, has limited merchandise that you can buy in the United States. (I mention the United States because that’s where I live.)

But, if you’re looking for something to show your love for your favorite K-pop group then I’m here to help you with that.

Why No BTS Merch in the US Stores?

Okay, so you go to the mall and you see all kinds of merchandise for Justin Bieber and One Direction and all these other groups. But, where is the BTS stuff?

BTS is an internationally-known band, so why don’t we have more merchandise for them in the US? Well, unfortunately people like American music pretty exclusively in America. We rarely really open up too much to other people’s music. We only briefly entertained ourselves with stuff like a Gangnam style for a few months. But, that’s just a passing novelty. Generally speaking you don’t get much popularity in the United States for very long if you’re not local.

So, it doesn’t matter though, because as long as you have an internet access then you can get merchandise for any band that you want. (I’m assuming you have it internet access because you’re reading this, so let’s move forward!)

Their Official Site Not So Hepful

One place you could get BTS merchandise is on their official website. But, that website is mostly in Korean. Also, I’m pretty sure that they don’t ship to the United States. They keep asking me for my citizen number and stuff like that.

This is the same problem I ran into one trying to shop from SPAO. SPAO is a really cool Korean clothing line that has Super Junior and Girls Generation model for their stuff. I was so excited because Super Junior is my favorite boy band and Girls Generation is my favorite girl band. So, their clothes were very nice and I went on their site and the prices were amazing.

But, I went to check out and either I was doing something wrong or you just can’t buy stuff outside of Korea from there. I couldn’t figure out how to do it. It kept asking me for a citizen number, which I believe is like a driver’s license number for Koreans. Obviously I don’t have one of those so I couldn’t get passed the checkout process.

So, that was really disappointing but I guess that’s just the international laws or whatever. I think they just don’t want to ship to other countries because they have to pay a whole bunch of legal fees and figure out how to be able to sell stuff online to other countries. So, if you want to get some official BTS merchandise you are probably going to have to go to another website besides their official website.

Don’t Buy Imitation/Knockoff Merchandise

Now, I’m not saying you should go get knockoff stuff that is not official merchandise. I don’t think that’s right. I like to support the band that I’m buying the merchandise for.

People make fake things and sell them with the name of the artist on them and the band members themselves don’t get any of that money. So, I think if you are really a fan of BTS then get official BTS merchandise not some junkie thing that somebody made it just put BTS’ name on it.

So, if you can’t get it from their official website you can however get official merchandise from other third-party websites like this BTS Merchandise website. Just because your third-party website doesn’t mean that the merchandise is unofficial. A lot of times the reason the main merchandise websites don’t sell it to other countries is because they don’t want to go through the trouble, but they can use third party websites as a go-between so that they can take care of all the legal stuff and sell it to other countries.

That being said, if you want BTS merchandise that is legitimate but will still ship to your country you can check out this website to see some of the different places that you can buy different BTS merchandise.

Different Merchandise at Different Stores

Not all BTS merchandise is sold in the same place. For example if you want a phone case you might have to go to one website. If you want a BTS notebook you might have to go to a different website. Phone cases are generally specific to a particular phone so it’s a lot of trouble to set up a website that will sell everything. So, they just don’t.

They just set up a website that sells phone cases and that’s it. There are other websites so that will sell BTS posters like here: http://btsmerchandise.com/poster/. Those posters are all they sell and that’s their specialty. Rather than looking at it as a negative you can think of it as buying from a specialty shop for each thing that you want.

I hope that this is all been helpful in finding helping you find official merchandise for the Korean boy group BTS. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think and if you have had any experience doing this yourself.

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